Impact Investing in Central America

by Alvaro A. Salas, Luis Javier Castro, William Nielsen


Impact investing is an investment strategy that over the past decade has begun to receive considerable attention in regions around the world, and Central America is no exception.  However, it is a region of widely varying socioeconomic, political, and financial environments spread across several relatively small economies, making impact investing, an already difficult, changing process, even more dynamic.  This chapter will help contribute to an understanding of the current status of the impact investing sector in Central America, including identifying current obstacles, outlining the investment pipeline for investors and briefly profiling existing investors.   Future steps for the sector will also be addressed as well as the importance of furthering the understanding of the impact created from business.  

Keywords: Impact Investing, Central America, emerging markets, social enterprise

This paper was previously distributed in a modified form by Greenleaf Publishing, appearing as Chapter 17 in the publication: Vecchi, V., Balbo, L., Brusoni, M., & Caselli, S. (Eds.). (2016). Principles and practice of impact investing: A catalytic revolution. 

Sheffield, UK: Greenleaf Publishing. 

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